Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Idea of the K1000D Finally Adopted by Someone!

Years ago, I proposed a K1000D. Finally, we'll have this very soon:-

Via Photo Rumors.

Glad that finally at least one camera maker has some close mentality as me! :-D However really sad that she is NOT Pentax! :-(

And, if the rumoured info is going to be true, the 5-axis body-based image stabilisation system will overshade the Pentax SR's 3 axis one which has been highly praised by some Pentaxians on its theoretical uniqueness.

Whilst this retro-designed and lightweight plus compact body was really what I wanted, the OM-D actually deviates one important thing from my original basic idea of the marketing approach, i.e., it will not be cheap anyway, my bet! :-o

Lastly, as basically I am also a m-4/3 user with minimal setup (which I rarely used since purchased), I might be interested on the OM-D and may buy it later depends on what it will be priced and how it will perform in real. Let's see! (Also, with my first DC was being an Oly, I think I do have some little sentiment on the brand, too! ;-p)

N.B. Since the source of the picture is being unknown, do bear in mind that it *may* be fake!

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