Sunday, January 15, 2012

Latest Family Photos of My Pentax Gear! ;-D

Group Photos:-


Now, you can see how many Pentax bodies and Pentax lenses that I actually have! ;-D

And, the mode dials of the cameras were actually put on by me myself! Well, if you want to do it like me, a punch and glue are required:-

Below are the new different packages of the latest Pentax gear! :-D The colour coding is: Grey for MX Black, White for MX Silver, Blue for K-7 Black, Purple for K-7 Silver, Pink for K-5 Black and finally Green for K-5 Silver~ The cameras came in kits, all K-7s came with primes and K-5s came with zooms and yet MXes came with primes again~~

Last but not least, do note that in the above group photo(s) that there are six bodies (i.e. two MX, two K-5 and two K-7 bodies) and six FA 43 limited lenses but only four DA 18-55 WR and then only two M 40 pancake lenses. Why I acquired them in this way? :-o Just because only FA lenses have the FULL backward and forward compatibility with ALL Pentax bodies ever made but the DA lenses will not work on old film bodies (so four is enough even for matching one body with one lens! ;->) and then the M lenses work on all Pentax DSLRs in a rather handicapped way, with the crippled K-mount. Thus, I do not buy more as they are NOT completely compatible, i.e., with old M or K series Pentax lenses on *any* Pentax DSLR, wide open and real-time metering are actually both NOT possible! >:-(


Pentax' Toy Policy Will Continue After Ricoh's Take-Over in October!

My K-r Toy Story! ;-D

Supported Pentax DSLR Functions with Different Pentax Lenses

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