Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who Said K-5 Cannot be Used as a JPEG Camera?

I post three quick samples of mine here, I think the pictures speak for themselves!


1. Original photos were created directly out of the camera in (default) 3 Star JPEGs in 16MPs;

2. Whole pictures were downsized to 1024 pixels in width and then lightly re-sharpened;

3. Central crops of the pictures are in 100%, no post processing of any was applied, i.e., pure and mere cropping;

4. Click to Enlarge to view Samples in Full. All EXIF preserved.

5. Lens used was the oldest designed DA lens of the 16-45 zoom at close-up/macro range, handheld.

By the way, this photo was underexposed owing to the white flower but I did not apply the necessary +ve exposure compensation with the Centre-weighted metering I used. Nonetheless, I am almost sure that the 77-segment metering will suffer from the same in that situation. After all, a quick retouch on the brightness/tone curve of the picture could save it (although the image quality would not be as good, compare it to the first picture):-

Update (2-1): A Large-sized Image is uploaded for a far away wide-angle outdoor scene, so as to give you a better impression on the colour rendition and IQ of the K-5 JPEG image, click on the following image to Enlarge (a new tab will be opened):-

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