Sunday, January 22, 2012

NEX-7 Brief Hands-on Impressions

Tried it at the Sony showroom and then immediately decided to buy a K-5! ;-D

1. Not too big and heavy and is comfortable to hold.

2. Build quality is nice, body felt solid, except the flash.

2. Built-in flash is rather flimsy, especially when it is popped up or during being opened. Closed flash still has some slight play which I don't like (against what every K-5's closed tightly)!

3. Shutter lag is more noticeable than my NEX-3, i.e., double shutter actuation is indeed noticeable and can be heard.

4. Image saving requires rather long time per picture. (Unsure if it saved RAW+ but the waiting time is really rather longish!)

5. The Tri-Navi operation system and interface is difficult to use! At least I couldn't adapt to it on the first run! I hate that the selection range is long for the parameters but there is no facility and any means to reset the value and do the homing.

6. Don't have any high expectation on the EVF! No matter what it is stated on paper, it is YET an EVF! Refresh rate, dynamic range, colour rendition and accuracy are all old problems!

I didn't test on the IQ, as I only had one spare SD card with me but which I brought for use in testing my new K-5 which I wanted to buy and I did not want to take the risk of messing up the image file numbers. But anyway, after the above quick test and play, the NEX-7 was already kicked out of my wish list and in fact it is about (US)$130 dearer than a K-5.

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