Monday, January 30, 2012

Pentax K-01 Fantasies

1. Real but old:-

Via OGL @ DPR Forum back to 2006, reminded by Mirrorless Rumors recently.

2. Imagined, maybe mostly based on the above:-

Via PF Post Here.

3. Imagined too, I think:-


4. Look Real and should be Leaked:-

Via the Chinese Xitek Forum, Credit by OGL at My Blog.

It is rumoured that the K-01 will soon be announced on Feb. 2, together with the world's thinnest APS-C prime, the 40/2.8 XS, which probably to be the kit lens of the K-01. But also mind you that the K-01 is probably the world's thickest mirrorless ILDC btw! :-o

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