Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First X-Pro 1 Original Full-Size Samples

Via the first look report from the DC Fever:-
(in Traditional Chinese, Google English Translation Here)

There are five full-size original samples posted, all EXIF preserved (of course):-

(Click to Download, Warning: Large Files)






My initial impression is that the colour response looks somehow strange to my eyes. As for the "superior" image resolution, I just can't see any big difference against the other 16-18MP APS-C cameras here. I do see some optical imperfection, though. So, once again, I think the lens is the bottle neck for higher resolution, but not the sensor! Furthermore, I have to say that "a new APS-C sensor approaching full frame IQ" is just a marketing BS after all. Well, could the DoF (Depth of Field) be changed with the same *APS-C sized* sensor? And can the diffraction limit be ignored/overridden??

Update: 1001 Noisy Cameras write that the samples can be found at Fuji's own official website and there are a total of nine of the complete set:-


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