Friday, September 30, 2011

10,000 Comments at My Blog

I have seen that the number of comments left at my Blog has exceeded 10,000 today. At the time of writing this Blog post, it has just reached 7,000 under the IntenseDebate commenting system (which is nice for the design and available features) and 3,010 at Blogger, so making up to 10k in total for the number.

I would like to thank you to all of you here who has participated/contributed. It is always great to meet people from different places in the world with totally different backgrounds via the Internet, regardless of what different opinions that we might have.

Last but not least, however, for those who had violated the posting rules and thus got their comments deleted or even banned, yet my sincere apologies too nevertheless but I think I had stated my requirements clearly on Day One. In fact, I do have very high tolerance than most of the other webmasters, I believe, as this Blog is meant to be free and there is no commercial or money interest of any here and on my side. I bet that you are not going to find more of any other websites over the Internet for such pure hobby and non-money related nature like mine but still with such a high popularity! After all, mine is just the rare species, brand and hobby regardless! :-D

Having said the above, what I could tell more is that I will let anyone post anything as long as they don't try to violate the rules repeatedly and don't go too farther. Indeed, I did let some of those banned guys to post again as long as they didn't break the rules again when they came back (with a new identity and/or a new IP whatsoever). My rules are very basic, aren't they? :-) Still found it difficult to comply? I don't and won't believe so! :-o

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