Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pentax' Toy Policy Will Continue After Ricoh's Take-Over in October!


It can be seen that the above new toy eggs will be on sales in December 2011. So, it proves that the toy policy of Pentax will continue after Ricoh's upcoming takeover on 1st October, very soon! ;-D

The new toy miniature Pentax cameras and lenses now have no colour on them so that the users can paint on them (which I suggested to them two years ago) for any colours and combinations they like. Besides, the lenses are now interchangeable! Oh, well.. :-o

Btw, owing to the unsurpassed success of those Pentax toys, some people are (illegally) cloning those Pentax toys and actually improve them, see:-

I have drawn more than ten number of this back to July (but only got four different colours). This super bright white LED torch of the K-r is really more useful than that original Pentax one as it provides a practical function, but the Pentax' don't! ;-) What is the use of that "hot shoe accessory" of the K-x and K-r?

In addition, the workmanship of the clone seems to be better. And, the zoom ring of it can be rotated, too (whilst the original Pentax cannot).

P.S. If I have the time later on this week, I shall try to take a few photos of this super bright LED Pentax model (of different colours) to show you the beauty of this cloned toy!~

Congrats again, Pentax, for being successfully entered into the toy market and to be the market leader!! ;->

Or, after all, would Pentax just make real cameras in the same small size that really works? See:-

Last Story:-

My K-r Toy Story! ;-D

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