Sunday, October 10, 2010

1,000 Signatures of the Pentax SDM Petition Online!

As I wrote before, if that Pentax SDM online petition reached 1,000 signatures, I would follow to sign.

9 months have elapsed. So, up till now, there are 1001 signatures, including mine.

I do still encourage you, as a Pentaxian, to participate in this Petition, despite that Pentax (actually Hoya) have not yet responded to our Petition. I bet they will never respond, nor to be responsible, till the end of the World, though!

The new DC technology maybe a silent response to the infamous SDM issue, but how about those Pentax users who have already bought the SDM and very "unfortunately" have had their lens(es) dead for once or more? :-o

Even Hoya do have the "guts" to completely ignore all those affected Pentax users and victims, do they really know that sales are hurt just because of such a conjecture of theirs? The whole case and "handling" (nil actually!) is just silly and plain stupid after all! >:-|

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