Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some Reported K-5 Faults (Defects and/or Bugs)

Here are some of those reports, by different new K-5 users:-

1. Overexposure with 3 Different External Flashguns Except at ISO 100:


2. Out-Focusing and Inconsistency AF Issues with DA*55 and DA*50-135 SDM Lenses:


3. Un-Cooperative Auto ISO and Overexposure with Flash:


4. Stuck Shutter Release Button Overnight!

(Traditional Chinese, machine-translated English Here.)

5. Auto Rotation Not Working for Photos! (But it works for displaying status info in-camera!)

(Traditional Chinese, machine-translated English Here.)

(Yet Another new K-5 user reported that his unit suffered from the same problem.)

6. ISO 70 Bug(?):

(No further information is provided, though.)

7. Obvious Physically Short-sighted (by observing the lens' distance scale):-

(Traditional Chinese, machine-translated English Here.)

Well, this is just a great news for macro photographers, or it should be treated as a Bonus! ;-D

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