Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How a Company Respond Positively to Criticisms..

Just see this latest headline news at the Dpreview.com, Sony has promptly made a major software update to the NEX firmware in respond to the criticisms previously made by the DPR as well as some of the NEX users as well, actually not very long ago.

The positive response to the "negative" comments from the Net Media/"Press" (and from the users as well) of Sony must be praised, which is invaluable and this proactive attitude is the right way of doing business and is the key to be successful in nowadays' keen competition of the market!

Well Done, Sony. Bravo! And, good and useful criticism made by the DPR, too. My thumb up!

Still, I can see endless fanboyism has been in action in the Sonyland. Fanboys of Sony have been jumping on DPR for their "negative" comments given in the NEX review.. Now, I would ask: Who get the benefits at the end as a result of such criticisms? Really plain stupid and childish for their silly acts afterall, I feel obliged to comment!

Just recently, I must recall Sony's official advisory note on the high-fever symptom of their "video" DSLRs, which is another example of a conscientious company that Sony has been! Btw, there are some "solutions" discovered / available on the net already. Just try it out if it works for *your* DSLR(s)! In fact, all DSLRs are suffered from the same problem, more so for the in-body IS/AS/SR bodies - do you think that your Pentax DSLR really be exempted from that problem? Really? Honestly speaking, Canon DSLRs also suffer more or less from the same under the video mode, by not as severe as those body-IS system which also generates *much* heat during operation. To take a worst example, if you still have a K20D or had one and used its Live View more often at just just higher temperature outdoor and for a bit longer, say, 3 to 5 minutes, then you will know it is just worse and you would see the thermometer warning symbol on display followed by cut-off soon! :-o

Now, look back at Pentax and the attitude of that Hoya behind, she is simply unable to respond to over a thousand of Pentaxians who just wished to have a firmware update of the choice of SDM or in-body AF for nearly one year now, as a suggested remedial to the uncured SDM unreliability issue, for such an open petition online. Indeed, everyone knew very well that such a software update is really simple and technically feasible, even for laymen. But, it is just "politically incorrect" in the eyes of the "authority", whom did not really want to think about of the consequences of ignoring their users / avoiding the problem in such a way and how sales are hurt as a result!

Speaking of the wide complaints of using AA batteries and the lack of red dots indication in the Pentax entry level DSLRs, Pentax should have done that back to the introduction of K-m in fall 2008, but unfortunately they didn't, which I did criticise about that AA battery issue since it was announced (actually long before that indeed) and of course I got many attacks back on me by particular "brand defenders" in return. Now after two years, at the fall of 2010, we finally have a new K-r with an "updated power system"! >:-| Then, those defenders suddenly have turned their attitude for praising for such an "improved" Lithium battery solution as a "new" offer and valuable from Pentax! Oh, really? - They should have done that Years Ago!!

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