Friday, October 08, 2010

Sony Has Had Just Too Many New Cameras To Be Announced! :-o

The Photokina has been over for weeks. Whilst people think that we had to wait unit February next year before the PMA for new stuff. Sony strikes again!

See what 1001 Noisy Camera has found and reports!

With reference to my last "rumour" report one week before that when the A55/33 was announced, if the new camera is a mirrorless, it would be the NEX-7. Anyway, since the rumour source I spotted did actually have insider information as it was proven for the A55/33 release and he did have the official product photos leaked before the official announcement too, we should believe what other unrealised things he said to a certain extent, which should be somehow more trustworthy.. That is, a NEX-7 followed by an A77 would show up "later", which Sony intentionally to delay the announcements and product launches, as they have had just too many new cameras in the queue, for letting those new cameras to see the light! :-o

Back to speaking of Pentax, the last rumoured Pentax EVIL did not appear, nor there is any sign up till now that there is one actually. So, I would regard this as a pure conjecture by someone, but not anything substantiated, and it is not even a vapourware! :-(

Nevermind, if you are just wanting much for a K-mount "EVIL" (ILDC actually) with a "large" APS-C sensor, I have already made one myself. You can also make something similar yourself if you like and there will be no more endless imagination and waiting!~

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