Friday, October 01, 2010

Site Traffic of My Blog Matches 30% of that of the Dpreview on Pentax Contents

The Dpreview (or called the DPR in short) have a five-day running total for the number of pageviews and clicks for particular brands:-

Below is the screen capture of the results and statistics of the last five days of theirs:-

At the other side of the Internet-sphere, at my this Blog, I have the renowned Statcounter to count the visits and pageviews for me, below is the screen capture of the traffic statistics of the last five days at my Blog:-

So, people who have read Pentax related stuff and pages for the last five days at the DPR is in 72,909 Pageviews (which constitutes only 5.55% of the total site traffic at DPR anyway) while the total traffic at my Blog for the last five days is 21,620 Pageviews in total, which is simply about 30% of the traffic volume of the DPR on Pentax related articles as such, if it is compared.

Afterall, I would like to let you know and share my this achievement, which actually should also be Ours - Without YOU, my site would not have gained such a success on popularity, frankly. So, just let me say a Thank You here, to all of the people who regularly read or have read here at the RiceHigh's Pentax Blog! :-)

Read Back the 1st Blog Article:-

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