Wednesday, October 27, 2010

D7000 Vs D700 - A Reference about IQ of the Two Sony Sensors in Different Formats

View this ISO shootout with crops for the samples made with the two cameras, for the same target and at the same time:-

via the post made at DPR by the tester:-

His remarks are quoted, "Photos are taken in JPG direct from camera, Auto WB.

First set of photos, on the left Noise reduction OFF, on right noise reduction ON.

Second set of photos. Left Nikon D7000 right Niknon D700. Noise reduction ON, setings NORMAL."

Happy measurbation then! Btw, this shootout will give you a brief idea about how the two generations of different Sony sensors in different formats (FF Vs APS-C) are compared for the output IQ.

Update (10-28): The author has updated his blog and posted more comparisons, here it is:-

It can be seen from the "animal" shots that D700 still retains more details and actually more resolution as well as better noise structure at higher ISOs. So, Full Frame still rules!

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