Monday, October 04, 2010

New Pentax Blackbox Bare Camera! :-o

What is the design concept of this naked blackbox?! :-o Anyone knows?

See more about it at the 1001 Noisy Cameras and here in Traditional Chinese. Same as the RS1000, the LS1000 uses the same 14MP CCD sensor, I believe. Or, actually they are just the same camera, with the LS1000 being a x-rated naked body! ;-D

Now, I can guess that RS stands for Replaceable Shell whilst LS stands for Lack of Shell!

Anyway, I just can't figure out what's the difference between the LS1000 and LS1100, even after reading all the above links! :-(

Well, the even more mysterious thing is, Pentax UK have deleted the two new cameras after it was published and now you cannot see them at their website and page. There is just no LS1000/1100:-

Speaking of LS-1000, this classic best-at-its-time film scanner has come to my mind! Dream gear of the past, useless stuff today? Btw, my Minolta Dual Scan III is also getting dust on it, anyway.

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