Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Production K-5 Quick Review with Full Size Samples (w/ DA17-70)

(in Traditional Chinese, machine-translated English Page Here)

All test shots, no matter full sized or not, were made with the DA 17-70/4 SDM (Only) Lens on K-5. If you just want to download and see the full sized samples, go to near the end of the review, there are six samples to download, click the "Ori" links for the original samples.

Well, after inspecting all these six full samples and checked the EXIF data also, I would quickly comment that I am not impressed with the IQ of the lens and all those images produced by that K-5 combo especially at the base/low ISO of 200. I cannot really see very high per-pixel sharpness but only softness and I do not very like the colour response of all the images neither. The lens in fact does not produce very crisp, sharp and well-defined images, even when it has been stopped down to f/8 or something. When used near wide-opened, things could get even worse and it seems that the focusing accuracy is not adequate, which contributes also for even more softness at pixel level. After all, I am not sure it is just a problem of the lens or the K-5 body or both for those far less than ideal IQ!? But, it's what the final results that count, but nothing else!! Yet once again, if we are not convinced, we need to see more samples to conclude, in the near future..

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