Sunday, October 31, 2010

A 645D Mini Review w/ Downsized Samples (in 2MP)
(in Simplified Chinese, Google Translated English Page Here)

Just click on each of the pictures in the review to enlarge (in 2 Mega-Pixels), a new tab/window will be opened.

Here is a quick capture of all the samples posted (one of them is missing, though):-

This time, I like the colour response and textural feel of those 645D pictures, which I think both aspects are somehow better than all those current DSLRs with CMOS imagers (brand regardless) and the differences and advantages can actually be seen.

As for the bokeh of the 645D kit lens, it is of the typical Pentax FA prime alike, i.e., the bokeh / blurred background is not completely dissolved or very creamy or silky smooth (or whatever you like to call it) but we can see the outlines of the blurred objects, which are still rendered in a somehow smooth way but not too harsh - this is actually an unique characteristic and style of most of the Pentax primes, which will also result in the so-called "bright ring" bokeh and may still cause some "roughness" under some circumstances, e.g., for bright highlights or contrasty objects in the background. Indeed, I found that my FA* and FA Limited lenses just have a very similar response for the bokeh rendition. Well, whether you like it or not is just a matter of personal preference and taste after all!

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