Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photoble K-5 and K-r Full Samples

Now, many new K-5 users have got their new cameras. It seems that Pentax has decided to produce/sell more K-5 units before the K-r, as there are far more new K-5 units around. Or, maybe it is just the case that the K-5 has been selling much better, who knows? :-)

Here are the links.. Click, download, inspect, pixel peep, measurbate endlessly at your own risk!

K-5: http://pentax.photoble.net/?s_cat01=&camera=PENTAX+K-5&lens=&act=DSP

K-r: http://pentax.photoble.net/?s_cat01=&camera=PENTAX+K-r&lens=&act=DSP

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