Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A K-r Unboxing with Detailed 1st Hands-on Review

Here is one from a new K-r user from Taiwan, whom is also a K-x owner:-
(in Traditional Chinese, Google Translated English Page Here)

The first hands-on review is very detailed and well written. It is worth for reading if you're just interested in the K-r (but not a K-5! ;->).

In particular, in addition to the typical ISO comparisons (with NR on and off, too), different colour modes (Custom Image in Pentax' term) are tested on the same scene and the new-type battery (D-LI109 - not the same one as the K-7/5's) and compartment are illustrated and so on..

Last but not least, do note that you need to click on the picture links in order to open the attached images. This is rather inconvenient I would say, but could help to save the server and network bandwidth significantly, I know. And, if you are viewing the page from the Google Translate, you can't even open the pictures as direct linking from another site is prohibited. So, I would recommend that you view the original page and the translated page side by side in two tabs, which would be the only work around.

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