Thursday, October 07, 2010

B&H K-5 Offers and Prices (Set Prices in US Actually)

Last time I reported the Japanese "street" prices of the K-5 body or kits and previously the K-5 offers at the Amazon. Now, B&H has their new K-5 offers of two published:-

The K-5 body only is at (US)$1599.95 whilst K-5 + 18-55WR is at $1749.95.

If one compares the listed prices of the Nikon D7000 offers at B&H, the D7000 body is for $1199.95 and the standard D7000 kit set c/w a 18-105 (not just a 18-55!) Nikkor is for $1499.95 only. So, the K-5 body is $400 dearer, which is exactly 1/3 more expensive than the D7000. Moreover, the D7000 standard kit set does come with a better kit lens, for both the focal range and for its image quality, which is undoubtedly to be superior.

After all, is that Pentax/Hoya too "aggressive" to set this somehow ridiculous higher level of prices for their new products?! :-o Do they really want to compete? Or, could they?? :-(

Last but not least, there is no 18-135 DC lens appeared yet at both Amazon and B&H.. What's going on then? No expected time of delivery outside Japan up till now? But hasn't been this lens announced worldwide for weeks already?

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