Friday, October 29, 2010

K-r Vs K-x ISO Measurbations (Head to Head)

See these one by one:-

Pentax K-r vs. K-x ISO comparison A

Pentax K-r vs. K-x ISO comparison B

Pentax K-r vs. K-x ISO comparison C

Pentax K-r Measurebation - a set on Flickr

via Information on Digital Cameras (Japanese) and the brief post of the original tester at the DPR.

And the remarks by the author is quoted:-

"All photos were taken in DNG RAW and process with no additional noise reduction with the Pentax RAW utility that came with the K-r. I've included 100% crop "ISO elevators" for the convenience of the pixel peepers.

My conclusion from these pictures is that the K-r is not noticeably improved over the K-x."

As to me, it looks that the K-x has even slightly better Image Quality with clearer images and more details in all the comparison sets A to C linked above! The K-x even wins in noise actually. Oh, well.. :-o Pentax sucked quality from the new entry level body?

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