Tuesday, October 26, 2010

K-5 English User Manual Uploaded at the Pentax Japanese Website

It now appears at the manual download page: http://www.pentax.jp/english/support/download_manual.html

And the direct download link is: http://www.pentax.jp/english/support/man-pdf/k-5.pdf

A quick glance to the manual verifies the following limitations of the K-5, many of which are in common with the K-r:-

User Manual Page
Slow Top Flash X-sync of 1/180th second
The Same SAFOX VIII Physical Layout (Precise Pinpointing is Just Impossible)
No f/2.8 AF Sensor (Which Affects AF Accuracy with Fast Primes*)
Maximum 8 frames for Shooting RAW in Continuous Hi mode (7 fps) (Whilst it can only be up to 10 frames for Continuous Lo (at only 1.6 fps))
Motion JPEG in AVI Only for Video Recording (No Motion Compression)
172, 174
Only Aperture and EV Compensation Can be Set for Video Recording
Mono Sound Recording for Built-in Microphone for Video Recording
AF and Re-focusing is Not Possible During Video Recording (Vs All Current C, N and S DSLRs with the Video Function Can! :-o)
No Still Image Can be Taken During Video Recording (which All Current Canon DSLRs Can)

*N.B.: Canon had f/2.8 AF line sensors incorporated into their entry level DSLRs since the EOS 450D whilst Nikon and Sony middle class to higher end models do also have. Why Pentax alone did not make it?! >:-( It helps a lot to minimise AF errors with fast primes at wider apertures after all.

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