Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The K-5 Took a Shower..

.. and was still alive! .. as tested immediately afterwards.

But, there are always two sides when we look at things. Do take a look at some previous stories reported by some other Pentax WR DSLR users to see if it is really completely safe, or not:-

How "Waterproof" those "Sealed" Pentax DSLRs Are?

Btw, I am almost sure that I shall do no shower to any of my cameras, even if they are stated to be weather-proof. In fact, I just won't let them got wet unless I really needed to use them under the rain or in snowing. Enough said.

On the other hand, if I had to use my cameras and gear in adverse conditions like under raining and in the desert, this would be actually unavoidable even if those gear are not designed and claimed to be weather-sealed. For example, my MZ-S had been used under light rain and in desert where very small dust particle are flying around in the air. With my non-sealed FA lenses, both my MZ-S body and lenses did survive time after time! So?

One more story of mine is that my MZ-30 (which was the cheapest entry level AFSLR of Pentax at its time) was used to shoot under snowing for several times under cold temperature at less than -10 Deg. C. and got wet each time. I even popped up the RTF (built-in flash) to take photos. But there was no problem of any neither.

In contrast, my *ist D died a few months after it was put only once under a very light raining for less than half an hour. I don't know if it is something related anyway. But the *ist D was never claimed to be weather-sealed, btw.

At the end of the day, what's the true meaning of doing such indeed meaningless tests? :-o My humble opinion is: When you use it for shooting and when you really face the (adverse) environmental conditions, then you will know! :-)

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