Thursday, August 11, 2011

AF-S Speed and Accuracy Test for Five DSLRs/ILDC

Someone at the German camera forum DigitalFotoNetz has made a post (Google translated) about the latest AF test by the German photo magazine Color Foto amongst the Pentax K-5, Nikon D7000, Canon 7D, Sony A55 and Panasonic GH1.. via DPR Post here (OP) and here (for the brief human-translated results) and also a Chinese article here (Google translated).

The Chinese article has a more detailed summary of the whole test and below is the summarised results of the test. It is said that 57 lenses (original or not) were used in the test and 1,300 shots were taken:-

Good Focus
Acceptable Focus
Blurred Focus
Average Focusing Time
Pentax K-5 62.4% 28.9% 8.6% 0.39 second
Sony A55 62.1% 16.4% 21.4% 0.33 second
Canon EOS 7D 40.2% 29.7% 30% 0.46 second
Nikon D7000 35.2% 40% 24.8% 0.44 second
Panasonic GH1
0.28 second

The lenses used in the test are also listed, except for the Pana. Do note that the lenses used are not identicial nor comparable across brands, nevertheless.

So, it must be a BIG victory for the Pentax and all the Pentax fans must be really happy! ;-p But the DSLR K-5 still lost in the race against the two-year old little Pana mirrorless, btw. :-o

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