Wednesday, August 17, 2011

E-P3 / E-PL2 / G3 / NX100 ISO Measurbation (JPEG and RAW)




It seems that the NX100 sensor and image processing is crappy all in all, I am afraid but to tell honestly.. After all, I think Pentax had made a very right decision to part with Samsung, as their that 14.6MP CMOS sensor is just helpless.

On the other hand, it can bee seen that the built-in JPEG engine of the EP-3 handles noise (primitively from the sensor) very well, i.e., whilst noise is removed, the image colours and details are mostly retained. When the RAW images are inspected, we can always see more noise with a little bit more details, but the colours are not as good. So, the image processor of the E-P3 has done a very good job here!

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