Monday, August 29, 2011

More Pentax Q YouTube Videos

First, a seems-to-be official Q "introduction movie":-


At 2:00, it is demonstrated that the bokeh (out-focus characteristic) is completely software controlled, of which this camera function is named as BC which is printed on the mode dial, where BC stands for Bokeh Control.

Next, an unofficial Q test video, taken and edited much like the foreplay of those Japanese AVs in a much similar way and style! Even the background music is alike. Oh, well.. ;-D


I am not impressed with the colour output of the videos, but digital filters were applied for many of the clips anyway..

Nonetheless, it can be seen that the Q simply failed to focus well for the video recording. Maybe the user manual focused by himself, or the AF (if any!) hunted a lot, or quite possibly there is simply no AF function during video recording! Anyway, we shall know it very soon, for the availability of AF under movie mode, which was not yet confirmed for the last time.

Besides, below are two more earlier Pentax Q videos about the operation of the camera. But for the sake of interest for some who might not be aware previously, here they are:-



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