Friday, August 26, 2011

Pentax Will Have More Choices for Their Upcoming Q Sensors!

Sony has designed new 1.12 um pixel pitch CCD sensors in even smaller size of 1/2.8", 1/3.06" and 1/4", via latest report at the Image Sensor World.

So, the "good" news is that Pentax can have more new choices in making their upcoming Q bodies and they could be made even smaller! If any and if not the Q system will be a marketing tragedy otherwise! And more importantly, they don't have to wait for another five years before they finally could find a sensor that is small and "good" enough! :-o

As in the above Sony spec sheets, the new 1.12um IMX sensors are designed and intended for use in smartphones with "high" performance and "superior" IQ. But Pentax can use it anyway, as they are just the one who always did things with extraordinary braveness and with great surprises to us and shocked the world! ;-D (But honestly and frankly many of those are just plain stupid, completely meaningless, utmost rubbish and utter non-sense, just see the recent K-to-Q adaptor which they've created! >:-[)

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