Thursday, August 25, 2011

NEX-7 Quickly Jumped to the Top 3 Best Selling Camera at Amazon, Pentax Continues to Decline..

Look at what Photo Rumors reported for yesterday's top selling camera at Amazon. Today, the NEX-7 is at the third place.

Yet a quick check to the Amazon chart reveals that the best Pentax stuff on list is the K-5 body (only), at #50, whilst the K-r different kits are declining to the end of 50s, near 60.

People may then argue that it's only the Amazon. No problem, we could have another chart to verify the situation:-

This is the latest Japanese BCN ranking for the whole country of the last week, indeed the situation is very similar. The best selling Pentax offers are the K-r kits, which are ranked equally at #42.

So, Pentax sales are actually declining over time and that the down trend is clear at present. :-( In order to get back some market share, it's time for some new models and stuff! Right? :-D

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