Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Where There's Water There is Pentax"! :-o

After using Pentax for more than twenty years, I've just realised today that Pentax actually makes water pumps and is indeed renowned for that! :-o


and also (for example):-
(in Simplified Chinese; It is a large company and has large factories as told.)

A quick search on Google Image will find many more product images of the "Pentax", here are just some of the web images:-

I actually like much the slogan of "Where There's Water There is Pentax"! I now even know why our Pentax needed to create those weather-resisted DSLR bodies and WR lenses! And I do hope that the water is not a trouble(some) one, at least not as "trouble" as me in our Pentaxland!! Lol.. ;-D As for the colourful Pentax products, e.g., those in bright red and yellow colours (see above), I yet know where the idea was originally copied from!~

Btw, the "Pentax" has their official web-pages, but which seems to have been down or for restricted access only as there is always an error shown up when trying to access:- (Italian home)

Or (US/English page, I suppose.)

But I just wonder why this direct link for yet a Pentax pump product catalogue (in pdf) hosted at their official site does work! This officially proves the existence of the Pentax pumps on this planet at least! ;-)

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