Monday, August 08, 2011

Would Generic OS for Digital Cameras Work?

Appcam proposes that digital cameras could use and share the same generic OS that is purely software based for the control and operations, in the aims of saving hardware cost and "simplifying" the operations as well. (via Photo Rumors)

But I think it just won't work at all, I am almost certain. If users just want pure software thing, they just use an iPhone and Apps to take photos!

History told us that someone had tried the generic DC OS before but no one has ever succeeded. E.g., the "Digita", which the earliest Pentax and HP digital cameras like the EI-2000 and EI-200 used, was an attempt made by FlashPoint more than ten years ago but it failed completely. The OS was "renowned" for its longish boot-up time as well as for its high power consumption. So, with the even more sophisticated hardware and control nowadays, I don't think Appcam can make it this time. And politically, who is willing and had the incentive to adopt a pure software based OS instead of writing directly an efficient firmware for their hardware (i.e., the DCs) by themselves? :-o

(Picture Left: The FlashPoint "Digita" DC OS Logo Screen; Source: Steves Digicams)

So, just like the Digital/"Silicon Film", this will probably and eventually be yet another paperware or vapourware again, whatever you would like to call it! The idea just looks silly and stupid to me after all (so as the illustrations and drawings over there, frankly)! At the end of the day, people use generic device with specialised software applications but NOT generic software on specialised hardware device! Right? :-)

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