Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pentax Q High and Low ISO Full Size Samples (Unofficial)

Samples from ISO 125 to 1600 are available. Besides, the "01" standard prime is tested from f/1.9 wide opened to f/8, in 1/3 steps. Key EXIF info are reserved.

A few selection of the more representative ones (Click on for FULL Photos):-

(ISO 125, 8.5mm, f/8)

(ISO 125, 8.5mm, f/2, f/4 & f/8)

You can see by yourself if diffraction is a real problem for limiting resolution with such a small-sized sensor.. (Hint: Look at the image centres for the word "LUPICIA" and Compare!)

So, one BIG question for the implication: Do the Q users need to stop down the lens during a bright day in order to make proper exposure for their photos?? :-o

(ISO 1600, 8.5mm, f/2.2)

(ISO 500, 8.5mm, f/2.2)

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Official Pentax Q Samples are Out!

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