Tuesday, August 16, 2011

With the Sony A77, the Pentax K-5 (and DSLR Business) Will be in Great Trouble!?

1. The Sony A77 has the latest generation of the Sony APS-C sensor in 24MP (now the 16.2MP sensor has been widely used by Sony in their entry level product like the NEX-C3);

2. Similar to the K-5/K-7 series of Pentax, it is moisture and dust proof:-


Look at this leaked promotional video:-

(URL: http://youtu.be/-o1koYGwBrQ)

Update (8-18): As you can see, the above YouTube video has been removed, so we have the same copy of the video at the Chinese YouKu, as below:

(URL: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjk0MTU5OTEy.html)

3. It is told that it has the fastest hybrid electronic plus mechanical shutter and with a very short system lag time (something rumoured to be as short as 20ms!) but without the mirror vibration and less shutter shake as well!

4. It has the "fastest lock-on" *built-in* GPS ever for a DSLR:-


Well, we Pentaxians just knew that the cost for our add-on O-GPS1 will be (US)$250 alone! :-(

5. Mind also you that the A77 has a very high specifications of 12 fps with continuous AF, super-fast real-time continuous AF in video recording mode in Full HD (1920 x 1080p) resolution, 19 point phase-matching AF with 11 crossed AF points and many more.. !

6. Most importantly, the A77 will not be sold dearer than the K-5!

Actually I won't say the A77 is a real contender to the Pentax K-5, as I would simply predict that the A77 will beat the K-5 and Pentax system to death with both hands down! :-x I guess even the big boys of Canon and Nikon will be threatened, nevertheless! (So, it would not be surprised that the currently weak positioned Pentax would be put into great danger!)

And afterall, there is no new news on Pentax about any new upgraded Pentax DSLRs and lenses to come, but just the actually helpless Q recently! >:-[

N.B. The above "rumours" are mostly based on the "SR5" rated news published at the Sony Alpha Rumor blog site, which should be mostly accurate!

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