Sunday, August 28, 2011

More K-to-Q Adaptor Product Images

Further to the last official K->Q adaptor news, there are some more product photos of it posted by different people at the Internet recently:-

1. DA 40 F2.8 Pancake + Adaptor on Pentax Q:-

via DPR Post Here

It can be seen that the K-Q Adaptor can use DA lenses, as there is rough aperture control from "0" to "7", at least the aperture of a DA lens can be stopped down, although the exact f-number is not known. This is exactly the same design as the K-to-NX adaptor of Samsung, no difference. And the adaptor itself is a pure mechanical dongle all in all.

2. Pentax K 1000 F8 on Pentax Q (via the Adaptor, of course):-


Well, how would you use a lens with an effective focal/Angle of View at 5600mm but with an relative slow aperture speed of f/8 by the way?! :-o

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