Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Other Rumour: First Sony NEX-7 and Carl Zeiss E 24mm/1.8 Hands-on Report!

Recently, I have kept a close eye on all the news about the new Sony stuff particularly the NEX-7 and the A77 as well as the new E-mount lenses especially the uppcoming Carl Zeiss E-mount 24mm/1.8 standard wide angle and the Sony E 55-210 telezoom.

At yet another not-so-famous and popular cyberworld, I've come across the following latest "hands on" report, by a guy in Taiwan whom is believed to be under NDA with Sony but have just handled a NEX-7 with the new Zeiss "wide" angle lens:-

(in Chinese, Google English Translation Here)

N.B. I read the posts by this guy before. Yep, he "predicted" Sony things well! Of course, his hands-on report contains no photo of any. Or, it could be treated as just one rumour, if you like! :-)

I human translate some of his key points as follows:-

1. The NDA focuses mostly on the NEX-7 and lenses, which Sony treats as top secret!

2. All the A77 leaked information are mostly true;

3. The NEX-7 feels larger than the Leica M9! :-o

4. The NEX-7 is rather heavy, whilst it feels extremely solid in hands and is well built;

5. But it has direct and professional controls;

6. Only the black coloured body has been seen. He is uncertain if there would be a silver version, but at least he has not learnt about it yet;

7. The Carl Zeiss lens is heavy, but not as large as judged from the leaked photo. The Image Quality is Superb!

8. By looking at the rear part of the new lens, a new idea about the future (and development) of the NEX/E system can be got! What secret then? Full Frame ILDC system?

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