Friday, August 26, 2011

"Photo Odyssey 2011"

A Blog reader of mine, Mr. Moritz Schwertner, a German (relatively new) Pentaxian, has dropped me an email for an alert about a new photo website he and other five photographers (Pentaxians and Canonians mostly) have set up:-

Here are some excerpts for an introduction of their website:-

"I am writing to you because of my Photo Project.

We're currently six photographers, all set in different countries. On January 1st 2011 we started a photographic Adventure called "Photo Odyssey 2011" in which we post at least one new daily picture each day, circuiting around the order.

We've got plenty of amazing stuff, and three of us are even Pentaxians just like you!

There's a lot to discover, like the Shooting for our local Audi Centre for whom I've shot a quick Session for the newly announced A1 (only with a Pentax K20D mind you ;-) ).

Well, if you're interested, let me know! I would really feel honored if you could do that for us!

Here's the homepage:

And some Infos:

- 6 Photographers based in 6 different Nations
- Tomasz Michalski, Poland (Pentax)
- Manu Schwingl, Egypt (Canon)
- Pascal Stingl, Switzerland (Canon)
- Moritz Schwertner, Germany (Pentax)
- Jorge Toro, Mexico (Pentax / Sony / Nikon)
- John Behrends, USA (Pentax / Pentax 6x7)

Monthly changing Guest Photographers from different countries aswell!

We're currently preparing our first ever public photographic Challenge.
Starting August 31st we will accept Pictures regarding a still to be defined theme from any photographer who'd like to showcase their work. Rules to enter our Challenge can be found when it gets public on our page on August 31st at 20:00h (CET)."

With my view that they are not anything commercial (at least at this moment) for what they have set up and I do like many of their photos which look really nice, I do not mind to make a free promotion for them here (for once)! ;-)

Go have a look, or even participate, and enjoy! :-D

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