Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pentax Q Stuff Prices are Out at B&H

Q Item
US Street Prices (in US$)
Q Digital Camera with 8.5mm Lens (Black or White)
5-15 mm Zoom Lens for Q Mount Cameras
3.2 mm f/5.6 Fish Eye Lens for Q Series Cameras
6.3 mm f/7.1 Toy Lens Wide-Angle for Q Mount Cameras
18 mm f/8 Toy Lens Telephoto for Q Mount Cameras

The toy lenses, whilst are ridiculously slow, are also decribed as having built-in "Toy Camera Effect", which possibly means that the optical quality of which would be inferior! Besides, the $300 kit zoom of the Q is not that small, regardless of the really small 1/2.3" sensor of the Q.

Oh well, after all, who will buy? Will you buy? :-o

Frankly, I am afraid that the prices are just too high to be competitive, especially for the (one and only one) basic kit! :-( For $200 more (which is yet not enough to buy an additional standard zoom of the Q!), people can get the top-of-the-line feature-rich and high performance and up-to-minute luxury ILDC of the Sony NEX-7! I would rather save the money to get the new flagship NEX body instead, period.

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