Monday, January 10, 2011

DPR Interviewed Pentax US


My own interpretation on the messages/hints given after digesting all the dialogues are as follows:-

1. Pentax is closer to give a new ILDC and they have been working on it.

2. The K-5 is considered the current high-end model and the K-r is the "mid-range". There is no other entry-level DSLR nor higher end than the current "high-end" model, neither. So there will be no Pentax Full Frame in the near future. And it also mean that the K-x has been discontinued and Pentax will not keep a 3-hierarchy lineup for their DSLRs at the same time, possibly the entry level DSLR model will be replaced with an ILDC.

3. The sales of the K-5 is really good, although it is pricey - Yes, even the Pentax US official thinks like that! ;-)

4. Using the new Sony 16MP CMOS sensor (which is commonly shared amongst Sony A55, Nikon D7000 and the K-5) is more or less effortless, when it is compared to the Samsung 14.6MP sensors, in which Pentax had put a lot of efforts in the (co-)development with Samsung.

5. Concrete future plans of Pentax is not disclosed. Not Any! It seems that Hoya still has no great and long-term plan and commitment in further developing the Pentax *System* as a whole, and more macro-logically. :-( There is no plan disclosed about the development of the lens family neither, not even about the brief direction! In fact, the super reluctance of Pentax in telling more about the future is reported! :-(

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