Monday, January 03, 2011

Amazon Germany Stopped Sale of All K-5 Units with Immediate Effect! :-o

See this notice:-

(in German, Babel Fish English Translation Here)

Quoted, "For the moment this article is not directly available over Customers informed us that the received article deviates from the description on the website."

So, what is/are the important issue(s), which lead(s) to this suspension of sale of all the K-5 units via Amazon Germany? Are there yet too many stain sensors reported and too many units returned? Well, last time Ned Bunnell promised that Pentax would investigate but up till now we've seen no official statement from Pentax/Hoya of any about the K-5 sensor stains! :-(

Or, is it about the SAFOX IX+ (Plus) AF system used in the K-5 is still interfered much by the tungsten/yellow light and front focusing is yet resulted?

Maybe finally, for any other not yet known issue(s)?? >:-[ Anyone knows more?

Update (1-10):

The embargo at has been lifted up. There is no explanation of any on what has happened, though. But I guess it is something that is really significant, otherwise Amazon needed not to do so!

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