Thursday, January 13, 2011

My True Flagship is Coming. Meanwhile, I'll Use My K-r..

Canon 5D Mk III, Q4/2011:-

Meanwhile, I think I shall have my new K-r for another year throughout 2011 as the main DSLR body of mine. I have sold my 5D already and possibly will sell my Navy K-x (which is deteriorating) shortly.. Btw, my Canon L and prime lenses are just all sitting there in my dry cabinets and waiting for a new (super) body! :-o :-[

If Pentax finally manages to give us old film Pentaxians some news about a Full Frame body by that time when the 5D3 is on sales, i.e., within 2011, I might consider to buy the Pentax Full Frame body instead, but which is still very unlikely from what we have learnt (nothing) up till now! :-(

Nevertheless, I am still not convinced that I should buy the K-5 instead of the K-r and I do like smaller and lighter body as well (unless it really has the true flagship performance like those Full Frame bodies of others). So, I simply ordered a custom coloured K-r + DAL 35 kit from Japan, at an almost 50% dearer total cost than what I can buy for a completely black kit locally - just in order to be different! ;-D I hope my ordered and custom-made kit set will arrive within one to two weeks, hopefully - will sure to share with you guys when it arrives! :-)

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