Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Practical Manual Focusing Problem of the DA 18-135 DC Lens

See what this new user of the 18-135 DC lens reports:-
(Traditional Chinese, Babelfish English Translation Here)

The problem is that the MF ring of the DC lens lacks a focus scale but in addition, the worst thing is that it is freely rotating in cyclic. The user could by no means do MF (in this case the user wanted to shoot night scenes when the AF failed and was unable to focus) as the focus position is just unknown. In fact, the MF ring of the DC lens is actually a pseudo one, just like those of the micro 4/3 ILDCs and the NEX E-mount lenses, i.e., indeed they are indifferent! :-o :-(


Working Principle of the New "DC" Motor (Patent Paper Included)

Does the New DA 18-135 just Look Too Close to the Nikkor Counterpart? :-o

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