Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Secret Release of K-5 Firmware Version 1.02

It is found by someone that the K-5 new firmware 1.02 has been silently uploaded at the European Pentax (Support) Network, the details are as follows:-

1. Go to https://network.pentax.eu/;

2. Choose your language (English, German or French) and do a free registration there;

3. After that, you can access the website, search under Explorer\IS Products\Digital SLR\K-5\Software-Updates for the new K-5 firmware for downloading;

4. After downloading and installed, PhotoME will show that the firmware version is in lieu of as previously;

Btw, it is not told for the changes as contained in the new firmware version 1.02, but the change(s) should be significant enough for a new version number. However, as it has not yet been officially released even at the Pentax Japan support page for the K-5, if you really want to give it a try (for whatever reasons), do it at your own risk! :-)

Update (1-4): The 1.02 firmware files have been removed! But they have been copied and re-uploaded at: http://www.optyczne.pl/index.php?news=3611 Go get it if you still want to try! :-D

Update (1-6): The 1.02 firmware for K-5 has finally been uploaded to the Pentax Japan support page: http://www.pentax.jp/english/support/digital/k-5_s.html

Changes to V1.02

  • Compatible with SDXC memory card.

    * Transfer rate is not compatible with UHS speed class.

  • All ISO sensitivity setting can be used on Bulb mode.
  • Improved functional sequence for Contrast AF and improved total speed until in focus.

    *Contents of [Version 1.01] will be also updated.

But, I think they should make a re-focusing possibility of the CDAF for movie recording, frankly! :-(

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