Monday, January 03, 2011

Some Bits and Pieces (1-3)

1. Sony to double image sensor output, via buy back chip plant from Toshiba:-

2. A new K-r review with image crops for measurbation:-
(in Swedish, Google English Translation Here)


3. A trick for faster image zooming review for for K-5/K-7/K10D/K20D/K200D (and a few other Pentax DSLRs - but some do not work with this trick, e.g., the K-x):-
(in Chinese, Google English Translation Here)

In short, it states about when zooming is activated in image playback review mode, in addition to turning the e-dial for zooming in and out, the EV compensation (+/-) button and the Green button can be pressed and continuous zooming-in or out action is possible, which could provide a quicker access and minimise the wear and tear of the e-dial.

As a side-tip of mine, no matter what Pentax DSLR model(s) you use, if you just want to zoom in larger instantaneously without turning the e-dial for cycles. There is an option of "Quick Zoom" under the "Playback Display Method" menu. Just enter a zoom ratio you prefer once you turn the e-dial for zooming during image review. That's it! :-)

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