Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Modding a Rikenon-P 50/1.7 Into an "A" Lens! :-o
(in Chinese, Google Translation to English Here)

Wow! Really What a Hacking! Brilliant! :-D Not even the P and S exposure modes are now working flawlessly, and so does the P-TTL flash mode and exposure! Great Job!~

In short, that Pentaxian hacker drilled new holes for the "A" mount and re-built all the A mount contacts (and switches) for the lens aperture information (which tells the maximum and minimum apertures) and succeeded!

Btw, the hacker needed to drill new holes on the K-mount accurately and some machinery and tools are required, e.g.:-


If you are a Pentax DSLR user and have an old Rikenon P lens, why not give it a try?! ;-D


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