Friday, January 14, 2011

Converting Old Pentax "K"/"M" K-mount Lenses into "A" Ones! :-o

The lens hacking series of posts continue here at my Blog!~ Further to the last one for how a Chinese Pentaxian and hacker converted his Rikenon P50/1.7 prime into a "Pentax-A" one, I think we need to read also this very useful tutorial for what a Vietnamese Pentaxian and hacker posted at the PF previously (in English):-

Oh, that's really great and brilliant! (My Thumb Up~!)

As for the "01" coding, you can read what all you need to know here at the K-mount page.

Anyway, I do have some doubt about the time-longevity of the corrector's paint for used as the insulating material, which should be worn out after a certain period of time. So, the working principle and trick are there. You should find your own ways to improve and get the job done! My pre-Congratz to you for being a successful camera gear hacker, particularly in the Pentaxland! ;-D

N.B. I would prefer to use mini dot-shape stickers btw.


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