Monday, January 10, 2011

The K-5 Has Got a Cold! :-o

(in Chinese, Babelfish English Translation Here)

This K-5 guy confirms that the problem only appears when his K-5 was put outdoor at about 10°C and his unit would back to normal when he went back indoor, which was verified.

Whilst the user has almost been sure that his unit would not work at that a bit colder temperature, I think his unit is yet defective and it is more or less a QC/production quality problem more than a design issue.

Btw, my one-year old K-x also suffers from instability recently. Under around 10°C outdoor, it had hanged up for three times in one night during shooting. And, there were two other problems seen as well. One is the back panel LCD displayed garbage and I was forced to turn off and then on my K-x to bring things back to normal. The other thing is that it had happened for times that my K-x fires twice per shot even the frame advance mode was in Single! >:-[

Furthermore, my K-x' AF had been out after less than one-year, which I've cured almost with the Debug mode myself and most of my Pentax primes are okay in AF accuracy. But then I guess I might sell off my K-x soon as I have purchased my Custom K-r from Japan, which I think would arrive within the month.


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