Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Best K-7 Site So Far! (Its Official!)

Start Here!:-
(in Japanese)

It contains all the detailed information about the K-7, with full size original sample photos and a complete FAQ, too!

Wow, the Firmware Version 1.0 is out! Look the EXIF of those official sample photos! But unfortunately, I am still rather unconvinced that all the four samples required +ve exposure compensations from +0.3 to +0.7EV, no matter for Centre-weighted Average or the New 77-Segment Matrix Metering is used! (What? Oh, Nooooo...!)

Edit (May 23): Someone at the PentaxForums has discovered that the posted official samples were actually just made with a Beta K7 with Firmware Version 0.2 only:-

Well, the poster indeed has a very careful mind. In contrast, I did simply naively trust that the images are from production K-7 with Firmware Version 1.0 without any doubt as it is shown in the basic EXIF field of all the pictures. In fact, the prefix of the DSP and CPU firmware versions is simply the firmware version programmed in the body afterall (see here to learn why from my previous debug mode screen captures of my K100D).

So, why is this serious contradiction and discrepancy?? Well, there are *only* two possible reason, as below:-

1. The EXIF fields were edited after the images had been taken;

2. It was really using the production firmware 1.0 but that production firmware had a bug, with both the DSP and CPU version numbers not yet updated as contained in the final version of the firmware.

So, which case is more likely? You judge yourself! (To me, I think the former scenario is most likely - which just implies integrity problem of those Pentax staff or even Pentax themselves as a whole afterall! Too bad.. Why was this needed?? REALLY *Stupid*!!)


The electronic level(ling) meter is wonderful, handy and useful! The Automatic Levelling (by the SR system in conjunction with the electronic level sensor) is just a Miracle!!

All the above pages are in Japanese (of course, it is the Japanese official Pentax website). If you don't read Japanese, its time to Google Translate!

Enjoy! Again, I hold no responsibility of any kind for any CBA caused thereafter!! ;-)

Edit: One More!

K-7 Special Site (Japanese):-

3 different K-7 Wallpapers in different sizes can be downloaded here!

Last but not least, as announced in the Japanese press releases (here and here), initial production quantities of the K-7 body, DA 18-55 WR and the DA 50-200 WR are 20,000, 14,000 and 5,000 units per month respectively. The gear will be made available at Japanese home market in fall June.


Pentaro said...

Can you confirm if Firmware 1.0 has focus adjustment feature?

I've looked at all menu items pictured at DPReview, but could not find focus adjustment, nor could I find it mentioned anywhere in official K-7 website.

RiceHigh said...

It is there. Custom Function No. 36.

Pentaro said...

Thanks...that's a big relief.
It's amazing how K-7 is so full of new features and improvements, that focus adjustment is not even listed as a feature on the official website.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get a K-7 soon to put it through its paces. According to this video
it has a secondary AF sensor which is supposed to support exact AF under all light conditions (daylight -- tungsten). Seems that Pentax admits an old problem but it also seems that they finally found a solution.

RiceHigh said...

Well, I think a good AF system doesn't need AF adjustment much as it used to be! :)

And, good news for the new "secondary AF sensor"!

Anonymous said...

The sample images are taken in manual exposure mode, probably by professional photographers and many of those does not want to use other things than manual mode with centreweighted metering. Traditionalists... but if you know the stuff so why not? Professionals use manual mode, it is the beginners that wants fancy metering, autofocus and exclusive auto functions. :)

RiceHigh said...

In manual mode, why they needed to apply any exposure compensation??

And, I am just a "beginner"! :=)

Anonymous said...

Well Rice, the question remains as to whether it's a consistent exposure bias, a random exposure bias, or just user preference. In manual mode the new camera allows you to use the EV Comp to bias the meter to your required setting. The tester may just have set these settings as part of the process of working out how the new camera works...I'm not making excuses yet, but it's too early to say either way whether the exposure system is 'broken' yet.

I'm going to get one, try it, then see...too many variables on those photos to know anything yet.

Anonymous said...

RH said:
"In manuakl mode, why they needed to apply any exposure compensation??
And am I just a "beginner"! :=)"

Apparently so.... I'll let others judge as well.

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