Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Leaks, Expected Prices, Etc.

A Czech site has published "another" specs of the K-7:-
(Automatic Google Translation Here)

And, two more new K-7 photos are published:-

Well, the specs are more or less the same as what I have told and there are some more little details which I have not included and vice versa, e.g., the Guide Number of the built-in flash, which is 13m at ISO 100. The X-sync speed remains at 1/180th second! :-(

It is told that the suggested price of the K-7 Kit with the 18-55 WR is 1200 EUR with 19% VAT included, here.

And as for the latest expected street price of the K-7 (body?) at this moment, "tigrebleu" has reported here that the price as advised by his Canadian dealer is about (US)$1,400.

This is actually exactly the same as what I estimated with the basic information provided from another reader of mine on April 23.

Edit (5:00 p.m.): Official German Catalogue Leaked!


(The above linked directly to the original source.)

So, any new info? Yes, here they are:-

- LCD monitor is with Anti-Reflection (AR) coating;
- HD movie at maximum resolution (1536 x 1024 pixels / 30 frames) can be recorded up to 25 minutes or with a maximum file size of 4GB;
- External microphone-in for movie recording is stereo type;
- Shake Reduction up to 4EV protection;
- RAW is 12-bit;
- X-sync re-confirmed at 1/180 s;
- RTF: P-TTL, GN 13 (m @ ISO 100), angle of coverage: 28mm, 135 equivalent;
- Self-timer: 2 or 12 sec. delay; IR remote control: 0 or 3 sec.;
- 37 Custom Functions;
- In-camera image editing for aspect ratio (3:2, 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1 (square)) and fisheye effect, etc., in addition to the 16 digital filters for image processing.

Edit 2 (6:30 p.m.): A Picture of the Magnesium Alloy Outer Shell!

Edit 3 (9:00 p.m.): B&H also has K-7 published with price and expected arrival date before any official announcement appears!

Body Price: US$1,200; Arrival: July
(Edit 5-21: The Price has been changed to $1,300!)

Edit 4 (9:45 p.m.): Scanned copy of the K-7 Specifications page from an English official catalogue surfaced:-

New Info: Video is Motion JPEG in AVI

Edit 5 (10:00 p.m.): K-7 Announced and Previewed at Dpreview!:-

(10:05 p.m.): The official teaser countdown timer has reached zero again at but the website has been down since then and is still unable to access up till now! (10:15 p.m.)

(10:30 p.m.): from DPR Preview:

"Custom Function 18: Slow Shutter Speed NR - 1: Auto, 2: Standard"

WHAT?? STILL *Forced* Dark Frame Subtraction for long exposure as there is NO "Off" *Option*!!!???

And, Custom Function 36 shows that AF adjustment and fine tuning is still available.

Edit 6 (11:00 p.m.): Imaging Resource K-7 Preview has been out:-


D. said...

Official German Spec Sheet Scans:

Anonymous said...

not entirely correct!

the datasheet... :D

Kulich said...

next czech article with one new picture (k-7 + da55 + grip):

Anonymous said...

At that price, I think the really good trade could be to get a K20d... The prices are bound to go down even further after the k-7 comes out, and the spec if sufficiently similar (given I don't care about the video) that if I can find one which does not have broken AF, I'll probably buy it.

Anonymous said...

any one know what's automatic level adjustment and minute angle adjustment?

Anonymous said...

i guess it's the same thing Ricoh introduced in their compacts: the electronic level shows you if you aligned the camera parallel to the horizon ...

Priyantha said...

Everything is online right now.
There are some parts here:

Priyantha said...

In the link above you can also find the Press release :)

Matthew Miller said...

For what it's worth, that means the flash is basically the same as that in the K200D and K20D, which is 40% more powerful than the one in the K2000 and the older K10D. (

I wonder if that power translates into better range and around-corner control when using wireless P-TTL.

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