Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Public K-7 Product Show Completed Today at Tokyo

See the product show live report by the Japanese Impress DC Watch:-
(Text in Japanese)

In addition to the photos of the show and venue, various photos of the K-7 body and lenses are posted, as well as a detailed size comparison against a K10D brought by the reporters from different angles of view. The battery compartments of the K-7 against the K10D are also compared. Btw, the reporters actually use a K-m to record the show, just check the EXIF of the report photos.

But possibly owing to the new-type influenza (H1N1) found in Japan recently, the show is not as crowded as expected and sterilising fluid needed to be applied to the K-7 and gear from time to time! :-(

Nonetheless, the reporter writes that for those who have tried the K-7, they were all surprised by the silent shutter and the compactness of the body.

Besides, it is told that manual exposure control is not possible under the Movie mode, nor AF can be done once the movie recording is started, as such MF is a must if the user wants to adjust the focus. Nonetheless, during movie recording, the aperture can be changed manually via buttons. (Well, the Canon EOS 500D can do AF at all times during the Moive mode, even though it is slow and hunts but it is still there!)

As some of you may have already known, I have pre-ordered my K-7, ten days ago. I shall test drive the K-7 once production units arrive, probably late June or early July. Of course, if it is not going to pass my preliminary hands on test, I shall cancel my order at once. If it passes my first test, what I plan to get are the body, the kit lens 18-55 WR and also the DA 15 Limited to supplement the wide angle. Well, I believe that the DA 15 is a high quality but yet very compact and lightweight wide to ultra-wide angle prime, which is unique in the market and I do buy the design concept as well as the marketing idea of it actually.

There exactly are my planned-to-buy gear at the show!

As you may also know, my two main gripes about almost all Pentax DSLRs are their inferiorly performed and inaccurate AF and metering systems. Let's wait and see what will happen when I have handled one! I shall report back shortly after as soon as I can. Well, I bet the new SAFOX VIII+ AF system should be able to pass my quick test but frankly I still have not much confidence in the Pentax metering system even for what I have seen from the latest recent official samples of the K-7, as well as what I have learnt from the testers of the beta K-7 and their comments.

Finally, product seminar(s) for the K-7 is also reported and a transparent demo model of the K-7 is also displayed:-

Other Japanese Live Shows are scheduled to be carried out from May 24 to July 4 at different cities of Japan (reported previously). The Osaka one has been cancelled owing to the recent more serious new-type influenza incidents in the region.

Edit (5-27): The Show is recorded at YouTube:-

Feel for it just like Live!


Anonymous said...

I've made quick test of K-7 with DA*55/1.4 (AF assist lamp OFF) and D700 + 50/1.4 (AF assist ON). My verdict is no any difference.

RiceHigh said...

You tested it at the Tokyo show today?

Anonymous said...

No. In Europe, in the shop. Firmware 0.2.

We also had K20D with DA*55. Worse.
K-7 is MORE prehensile, faster, more accurate.
Pentax never had such AF in DSLR. Not miracle, but VERY GOOD LEVEL. Better than K-m.

It's hard to say that D700 is better than K-7.
A bit...Maybe..Maybe not.
The same level. But it was very quick test (10 minutes)

Where will you get your K-7?

Anonymous said...

AF in video mode is temporary disabled in a current firmware version (it was enabled in a previous one). Even continous AF during video was previously possible with internal mic disabled.

Dr. OCTTO said...


Sorry, but the first public showing was in Toronto on Friday starting at 10:00AM (Friday evening in Tokyo).

We posted the first public report Friday afternoon (before start of day in Tokyo).

See here:

We even have better photos!

Rice, why you so sloooooow? Ha ha.

Dr. OCTTO said...

oops, here is the correct hyperlink:

RiceHigh said...

Guys, thanks much for your supplemental information. They are very interesting. And, there is hope for AF function under the Movie mode if it is true.

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