Thursday, May 28, 2009

Impress DC Watch K-7 Preview is Out
(in Japanese)

Many product photos, K-7 with some Pentax lenses, the D-BG4, size comparison against the K20D, screen shots of different user menu pages and etc. are there!

Shutter sounds under the single advance mode and the continuous advance mode were also recorded and posted (and my measurbation results are in Italics):-


Sampled System Time Lag: 76 ms (from the completion of shutter release pressing to the starting of exposure)

Continuous: (paused for a short period of time after each five shots sequence)

Sampled System Time Lag: 67 ms (from starting of mirror-up to starting of exposure)

Sampled Actual Frame Rate: 5.28 fps

Well, I must say once again that the system responsiveness is very good!


Anonymous said...

There are no AF-points visible in the viewfinder?. I really hope the k-m trend doesnt continue with K-7.

RiceHigh said...

There is the indication, see this.

Anonymous said...

lag is appox. 64-67 ms.
very good. speed in HI mode is like in specs.
i'm happy.

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