Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Official Teaser Counter Reset!

They have added 15 hours! And people wonder.. What happened?

"It only feels like forever."! ;-D

Anyway, it is only just more than half day to go. Feel calm, guys. And wait for the great moment! :=)

In the meantime, just read my unofficial specs, which are subject to be changed without any official notice! ;-)


simsalabim said...

I wonder why they change the timing, anyway it's cool on my side because i'll finish my work at the office until then. So maybe is to not bother people at work? :D

Anonymous said...

Pissed me right off as it was wake up time here in Aus, then I got slammed with an extra 15 hour wait, how rude!

Ed Stone Photography said...

Yes very rude! They better give a reason!

RiceHigh said...

The official teasers are not executed in the end is just a little bit disappointed. Actually, I woke up earlier this morning near 7:00 a.m. (at my local time) just to see the counter hit zero and hoped that more official stuff were released - but there was none! Instead, they gave themselves and the world 15 hours more.

Anonymous said...

Well that was clear already yesterday! ;-)

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